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Pizza 301

tomato base, cheese, ham, Mozzarella cheese, corn

Weight: 500 g

8,60 €

Pizza 5

tomato base, cheese, 1x Meaty ingredient, 2x Vegetarian ingredient

Weight: 800 g

Pizza 531

Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, olives, arugula, Prosciutto-crudo, grana padano, olive oil, herb-garlic butter

Weight: 1200 g

22,00 €

Your empire of pizza!

Pizza Factory Nitra

In Pizza Factory Nitra you can assemble pizza according to your own taste in different sizes.

We prepare this crunchy delicacy from quality ingredients and deliver it to your home with love. Delivery in Nitra and surroundings.

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Current delivery time

45 minutes

Self pickup

30 minutes